Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall-Long issued a statement June 13 on the House's passage of House Substitute 1 for House Bill 440.

“As Chair of the Behavioral Health Consortium, we heard time and again the difficulties of patients and families navigating the fractured system of treatment in our state. I hope the Senate quickly passes HS 1 for HB 440 so we can get to work providing our citizens with more integrated treatment and care they deserve from initial contact with first responders through the entire continuum of care. This bill will save lives. I applaud and thank the members of the House of Representatives, especially Rep. David Bentz, for their leadership and support on this legislation,” said Hall-Long.

This act establishes an overdose system of care to improve care, treatment, and survival of the overdose patient in state of Delaware. This act allows the secretary of the Department of Health and Social Services to establish stabilization centers that can receive overdose patients from Emergency Medical Services and designate acute health care facilities, freestanding emergency departments, and hospitals that meet established requirements as an overdose system of care centers. The act also establishes a standing Overdose System of Care Committee to assist in the oversight of the overdose system of care and provide recommendations for its implementation and maintenance.