St. Anne’s Episcopal School was selected as one of three schools in the U.S. to serve as a model school for the Singapore Math textbook, “think!Mathematics.”

Upon completion of the program next year, St. Anne’s will become certified as a model school in implementing effective mathematics instruction and will have the ability to hold training sessions on campus supported by international experts in Singapore Math as well as host potential lesson studies for visiting teachers.

“Our students are thinking about math differently,” said Director of Curriculum and Instruction Valerie White. “The changes we have made to our teaching methods through the implementation of Singapore Math have also had a positive impact on our teaching in other subject areas. We know that in order to maximize learning, students need to be able to think flexibly and communicate their reasoning in multiple ways. The excitement and enthusiasm for learning has been palpable.”

St. Anne’s introduced the Singapore Math approach to teaching mathematics in September 2016 in kindergarten through second grade with help in part from a Longwood Foundation grant. This past school year, first-grade teachers Tara Liguori and Melissa Meier were two of 12 teachers participating in a project to pilot the “think!Mathematics” textbook and workbook for the U.S. market with Sarah Schaefer and Yeap Ban Har.

The introduction of these new Singapore Math materials will occur in first through fifth grades during the course of two years. St. Anne’s will also pilot a new Singapore Math text in kindergarten, which was co-authored by Schaefer.

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