The country star will headline Delaware State Fair on July 22.

If being a touring musician were a game of poker, Chris Young is undoubtedly playing with a red-hot hand.

After playing more than 30 sold-out arena and amphitheater dates, the country star will perform at the Delaware State Fair Sunday, headlining as part of his “Losing Sleep” tour.

Young will be joined with special guest Dylan Scott on the M&T Bank Grandstand.

The “Losing Sleep” tour is the namesake of his seventh studio album, which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart.

Young, 33, has 17 RIAA gold, platinum and muti-platinum certifications. He was nominated as the ACM Male Vocalist of the Year for 2018.

Last year Young attended the Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas where a mass shooting occurred.

How much sleep have you been getting these days?

Not much [laughs]. I can’t really complain about anything right now. Everything is going so well. I’m having a killer summer.

When you look at your recipe for success over the years, what are two ingredients that really stand out?

Having a really great team.That’s something I don’t ever get to talk about as much in a lot of the interviews I do. I’ve had so many meetings in town [last] week with different parts of all the people who are really behind the scenes in my career, from my managers to my booking agent to the accounting firm I work with.

Can you elaborate on the value of having a strong team?

It’s important to me because there’s so much stuff that goes on that nobody else sees that they handle. Hell… just the email — there’s so much stuff that goes back and forth. People see the end result of playing this really cool venue. But they don’t see the 100 emails that start from the very beginning of putting the tour together, with working out the logistics and travel.

I’m lucky to be at the point where I’m headlining my own arena tour. We’ve got two acts out with us who are opening. There’s all of their people, all of my people, and so much going on daily. Other than when I’ve just gone out of my way to do so, which is very rare, there’s never truly a day off. My phone always kind of has to be on. With everybody else that’s helping with this, it makes it a lot easier.

Have you previously headlined arenas?

This is my first one of this size. I’ve done an arena tour before this one, but there were still some theaters mixed in. It was probably around the 4,000 to 5,000 range, as opposed to what we’re doing this year. I just found out a couple days ago that Bridgestone Arena, here in Nashville, has sold out. That’s almost 12,000 people.

Since the Vegas shooting, how often do you think about safety when playing a festival or concert venue?

That’s not really up to me. It’s up to a lot of the event organizers and stuff like that. I think everybody is really taking that into account to try to keep people safe in that atmosphere.

What’s something you haven’t accomplished that you’d like to?

There’s so many things I still have left when I look at my bucket list. We always set the bar above where we are and we look at it. I’ve seen other people do amphitheater tours and stadium tours. I’m crossing my fingers; if I keep doing things right, maybe one day I’ll get a chance to do some of those. But there’s even stuff that’s below that, that I haven’t done yet. I’ve toured Europe a little bit. But I’d love to go over there and do a full tour that’s mine, at some point.

How much do European audiences enjoy country music? 

All man, they love it right now. It’s crazy how into country music everybody is in the U.K.: Scotland, Ireland and so many places over there. Even when you start to get into Switzerland, there’s a [group] of people that really love country music. There’s also Sweden. If you go down to Australia, it’s really big there too.