Sens. Chris Coons, D-Delaware, and Jeff Flake, R-Arizona, took to the Senate floor July 19 in an attempt to secure immediate passage of their bipartisan resolution, which would commend the Department of Justice for its investigation into the Russian Federation’s interference in the 2016 presidential election that led to the indictment of 12 Russian officials.

The resolution also reaffirms the Intelligence Community’s assessment of Russian interference and asserts that the Russian Federation must be held accountable for its actions.

While Flake and Coons’ efforts were blocked by an objection, they committed to return to the floor next week until the Senate speaks clearly on this issue.

“I note regretfully that there was an objection to our resolution, but we will bring it back again and again. This needs to be passed — the Senate needs to speak,” said Flake. “The majority whip said that this was just a symbolic vote — it is! And symbolism is important. This simply says, in a symbolic way, that we in the Senate don’t buy Vladimir Putin’s rejection or denial of election interference. We here in the Senate should say: ‘We stand with our intelligence community.’ Our agencies of government need to know that we stand behind them.”

“Despite the narrow objection of one senator yesterday, I know that a bipartisan majority of senators from both parties believe that we must speak clearly and together to support our intelligence and law enforcement communities and state unequivocally that Russia’s attacks on our democracy will not be tolerated,” said Coons. “I’m committed to working with Sen. Flake to continue pushing this resolution forward until the Senate speaks clearly.”

A PDF of the resolution is available at