Some dope tunes from Meg Meyers and Leyya.

MEG MYERS - 'Take Me To The Disco'

Meg Myers, who grew up in a Jehovah’s Witness household, moved to Los Angeles when she was 19 where she recorded her debut album ‘Sorry’, that spawned Top 15 and Top 20 alternative radio hits. Out today is "Take Me To The Disco," her second LP which has earned early praise from NPR Music, Stereogum and Billboard. The New York Times praised the first song to be released off the record, “Numb,” hailing Meg’s use of "feedback-frothed power chords," and Uproxx called “Numb” “as powerful as it is unsettling.” Her new record is brimming with rocked out soundscapes that screams with an intensity you can't ignore, even in it's most quiet moments.

LEYYA - 'Wannabe'

The sound of Vienna-based experimental/electronic-pop formation LEYYA, creates a foreign but familiar surrounding —spherical, floating but also impulsive. The experimental combination of melancholy and electronic beats, lets two different worlds collide.

Their next single, 'Wannabe,' is their first release following their LP Sauna which was released earlier this year. 'Wannabe' is a relatable tune about wanting to be like someone else and will be accompanied by trippy visuals that will have you seeing double. The video was directed by Rupert Höller who created an abstract world in the glowing Croatian summer sun.

The video seeks to highlight the absurdity of the dissatisfaction with one's self and celebrates the feelings that the band were writing about. Höller elaborated on the visuals- "Wannabe' is about the feeling that there is always someone cooler, better than you and the endless circle this thinking starts.

"You think your neighbor is better, your neighbor thinks his neighbor is better, and the neighbor's neighbor thinks you are better... In the video we created a world where two clones are constantly fighting and making up again, like siblings that both hate and love each other. Both fighting for their status, both admiring and envying each other and yet enjoying their company."