The 20-person team left Sunday from Blackbird State Forest to travel to Missoula, Montana.

The Delaware Forest Service is sending a crew of 20 wildland firefighters to the Northern Rockies to help battle wildfires.

The team left from Blackbird State Forest Sunday, took a bus to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and flew from to Missoula, Montana, according to a press release from the Delaware Forest Service.

Crew members include:

Michael Valenti of Dover,

Mark Kammer of Magnolia,

Rocco Hladney of Middletown,

Eddie Boyer of Ellendale,

Christian Mihok of Magnolia,

James Charney of Felton,

Kevin Popowich of Pennsylvania,

Mike Krumrine of Felton,

Zachary Brown of Harbeson,

Dan Mihok of Vermont,

Blake Moore of Milford,

Todd Shaffer of Maryland,

Robert Young of Townsend,

Robert Terry of Magnolia,

Kurt Bryson of Wilmington,

Robert Robles of Dover,

Ryan Krammes of Newark,

Jeff Wilson of Clayton,

Scott Veasey of Millsboro,

Tyler Thompson of Smyrna.

Nationwide, 134 wildfires are burning 1.56 million acres.

A total of 587 wildfire crews and 28,994 personnel are committed to firefighting operations as of Aug. 5.

This is Delaware’s second wildfire crew of 2018. The first departed July 3 for the Rocky Mountains.

Delaware has also sent firefighting equipment to the Ferguson fire in California.

Photos of the Delaware crew can be found on Facebook at