Anyone seen him -- or rather, his portrait?

Some U.S. senators remain undepicted in the Senate's historical archives. "The collection includes photographs and illustrations of most former senators, but to date no photo or other illustration of about 45 members has been found," according to the Senate's history website.

Outerbridge Horsey, from Delaware, is one of them. If you happen to have a family portrait, send an email to

Horsey lived from 1777 to 1842, and was in the Senate 1810-1821 as a Federalist.

Here's the Senate's online bio:

HORSEY, Outerbridge, a Senator from Delaware

born near Laurel, Sussex County, Del., March 5, 1777 received a liberal education; studied law, admitted to the bar in 1807 and commenced practice in Wilmington, Del; member, State house of representatives 1800-1802; attorney general of Delaware 1806-1810; elected in 1810 as a Federalist to the United States Senate to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Samuel White; reelected in 1815 and served from January 12, 1810, to March 3, 1821; was not a candidate for reelection; chairman, Committee on the District of Columbia (Sixteenth Congress); retired to his wife’s estate, ‘Needwood,’ near Petersville, Frederick County, Md., and died there June 9, 1842; interment in St. John's Cemetery, Frederick, Md.