Sen. Tom Carper released a statement Oct. 1 regarding reports that the Environmental Protection Agency sent proposals to the Office of Management and Budget aimed at dismantling the 2012 Mercury and Air Toxics Standards, which have long received bipartisan support and have proven to be incredibly effective.

“As we have tragically seen in Flint, Michigan, and in far too many other communities across the country, neurotoxins like mercury and lead affect human health and the environment in a way that is devastating and long-lasting. As a parent, I find it egregious that this administration is choosing to put our families at risk. As a lawmaker who has worked across the aisle for years to strengthen these standards, I find it absolutely nonsensical that President Trump’s EPA would weaken bipartisan and effective standards currently in place. Even worse, this EPA has gone so far as to say that it is no longer ‘appropriate and necessary’ to factor in all the clear benefits of this rule, including protecting our young children whose brains are still developing and are particularly vulnerable to these toxics. Here we have a rare instance where environmentalists, states, labor groups and coal utilities all agree that this life-saving environmental protection should stay in place. It remains my hope that cooler heads will prevail and that these proposals will not move forward,” said Carper.