New tunes from Meg Mac, Japanese Wallpaper, Meg Myers and more.

MEG MYERS - "Jealous Sea" Video

Meg, who grew up in a Jehovah’s Witness household, moved to Los Angeles when she was 19 where she recorded her debut album ‘Sorry’, that spawned Top 15 and Top 20 alternative radio hits. She recently released "Take Me To The Disco," her second LP which earned early praise from NPR Music, Stereogum and Billboard. The New York Times praised the first song to be released off the record, “Numb,” hailing Meg’s use of "feedback-frothed power chords," and Uproxx called “Numb” “as powerful as it is unsettling.” Her new record is brimming with rocked out soundscapes that screams with an intensity you can't ignore, even in it's most quiet moments.

The video for "Jealous Sea" was directed by Clara Aranovich, who also directed the video for "Numb." She explained- "Anyone who’s seen Meg perform live can attest that she has incredible presence; it’s as if she becomes someone or something else all together, as if she’s channeling odd forces. For JEALOUS SEA, I was compelled to make something that showcases this side of Meg, this power she has, a power I feel all women secretly hold."

MEG MAC - 'Give Me My Name Back' Video

Meg Mac’s latest single ‘Give Me My Name back’ is a rallying cry and seeks to individually empower and collectively embolden; locked in solidarity with each other and every person whose lives have been destroyed as a consequence of mental or physical abuse. "Most of my songwriting is an expression of how I feel; Standing up and saying no I find hard to do – it’s still something I struggle with. I get so many messages from girls in response to my songs, who know exactly what I’m talking about and feel the same way - this is a song for everyone who has lost an important part of themselves, which they need to reclaim in order to move forward with their life”, says Meg Mac..

The video for ‘Give Me My Name Back’ was directed by Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore. Claudia explains, “The first time I heard the song it made me cry. I could relate to the sense of loss that Meg was singing about - Overwhelming grief for the story that belongs to so many women, I ended up dancing around my lounge room to process some of the emotions”.

She adds “Meg then sent me a video of her singing the song acapella; she was in a really simple setting just sitting on a stool singing. I was inspired to re-create that same raw and honest performance but with an audience. We both felt this narrative would really resonate with women from all walks of life. So it was important to me to visually reflect that diversity on screen. I wanted to make a really simple beautiful video but also make sure that in the process of doing that everyone felt really great creating it too. With that in mind the choice to bring together an all-female cast and crew was very international.

We ended up with 40 extras and a crew of 10 so in all 50 women in set working together. That is very rare, and there was a lovely sense of togetherness that night”.


Gab Strum was 15 years old and on a tediously long family vacation with nothing to do but listen to Tycho and The Postal Service, when he opened his iPad and discovered Garageband and began building loops and messing with different sounds, creating music under the moniker, Japanese Wallpaper. When he was back from his holiday, he threw a song up on Triple J’s Unearthed website and Gab took home the top prize in the coveted “Unearthed High” competition, and was propelled into the spotlight.

His debut EP has since gone on to garner 20 million streams and found fans in Charli XCX, Flume, Gotye, Lily Allen, Chet Faker and Bombay Bicycle Club. His song, "Breathe In" was personally selected by Zach Braff to feature alongside indie luminaries like Bon Iver, The Shins and Cat Power in his highly acclaimed filmed and soundtrack Wish I Was Here, with his other tracks finding their way into scenes of shows like Offspring (Netflix), Catfish: The TV Show (MTV), Awkward (MTV), Made In Chelsea (E4) and Scream: The TV Series (MTV). He’s also garnered attention from NME, i-D Vice, HillyDilly, Indie Shuffle, EARMILK, Hype Machine and more.

Now 21 years old, the Melbourne based artist returns with, “Fooling Around” a hopeful track with a dizzying spell of synths and saccharine melodies, with textures of electronica layered over a lyrical narrative that sees Gab sing of self-confidence.

LINES - 'People'

The story of LINES began when Erik, Johan, Fred and Nisse decamped from their native Sweden on a mission to lose themselves in the hedonism of Berlin’s nightlife. The four friends emerged on the other side and returned to Stockholm newly united as a band. LINES was born. ”We rented a seedy apartment in Kreuzberg, dropped off our luggage there, and basically didn’t sleep for four days and nights that ended in tears and triumph - or maybe it didn't end at all.”

LINES sound is unadulterated euphoric nihilism expertly distilled into high speed adrenaline pop. Chaotic synths, pulsing beats and uplifting gang vocals are the signature sounds of the Stockholm-based four piece. It’s music to soundtrack living fast and feeling hard, that mainlines its way into your system. With lyrics that deal in excesses and extremes, LINES produce defiant and socially conscious alt pop that deals with themes of isolation, escapism and what the band call “obsessive and destructive love.” They return this Friday with their new song, "People" ft. Adele Kosman.