AAA Mid-Atlantic said the First State's average price per gallon of $2.55 is one cent cheaper than the next lowest state, South Carolina.

The First State is now last in gas prices. Delaware drivers are paying the lowest average price at the pump in the country.

According to AAA Mid-Atlantic, the average price per gallon in Delaware Wednesday was $2.55 per gallon, one cent cheaper than the next lowest state, South Carolina, and two cents cheaper than Ohio.

So far Delaware has had the cheapest gas in the nation on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. On Tuesday, Delaware and Ohio tied for the cheapest gas in the country.

“Delaware's gas prices have been dropping steadily throughout the month,” said Ken Grant, public and government affairs manager for AAA Mid-Atlantic in Delaware. "We're currently down 19 cents from this time last month, and Delaware's gas is the lowest in the region: 29 cents lower than New Jersey, 48 cents lower than Pennsylvania, and 17 cents lower than Maryland."

Overall, gas prices are dropping in part because of lower crude oil prices. Crude oil dropped from $76.41 per barrel Oct. 4 to $66.43 per barrel on Oct. 23.

Why so low?

Grant said two factors have resulted in Delaware’s average gas price dropping to the lowest in the nation – a relatively low state gas tax and weather-related disasters in the South.

“Since New Jersey and Pennsylvania increased their gas taxes in the past couple of years, Delaware has enjoyed the lowest gas tax in the region,” said Grant. “Normally the states in the south enjoy the lowest gas prices in the country, but we think they may have slightly higher prices right now due to the hurricanes that have made landfall recently.”

Analysts expect gas prices to continue to drop moving into November, Grant said. Stations are selling a cheaper winter blend of gasoline compared to the cleaner-burning summer blend required in many states for clean air standards. Also, after the summer vacation season, the number of miles traveled drops and demand for gas goes down.