If you submit listings online, they will automatically appear in print if space permits.

Are users required to register?

Yes, your email address is necessary at the end of the submission. The event will be automatically listed, and there is a confirmation email.

What about images?

Your own images are best, but stock images are available by category.

What am I required to submit?

There are 7 steps: 1. Basics, 2. Details, 3. Tickets, 4. Images, 5. Links, 6. Contact, 7. Preview

An email address is required but a web link is not.

To run an event on more than one web page, you have to enter the event in each online  calendar section.

Important: it can take up to 48 hours for a listing to appear because the submissions are checked for spam, so submit your information early!


Above, a Youtube video explains how anyone submits an event. Here is a form submission walkthrough if you already have an account: https://partners.evvnt.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011488534--add-event-form-How-to-create-and-submit-an-event

How can you do re-occurring events?

You can currently repeat the event 3 times and users can also quickly clone events.

Here’s how to clone a listing. https://support.evvnt.com/hc/en-us/articles/216955988-Clone-your-event

If you have a problem or question about payment.

Online payment issues can be queried to accounts@evvnt.com.


What if I need help? How do I contact support?

You can email support@evvnt.com.

What is the website URL for the new calendar?

doverpost.com/thingstodo or doverpost.com/calendar

The other five newspaper websites use the same directory, i.e. scsuntimes.com/thingstodo

Why doesn’t my venue show up?

Evvnt uses Google Maps. If you’re not seeing your venue, type in the address instead.