Police report that most of the thefts recently are from vehicles at parks and near gyms.

The Middletown Police Department is notifying the community of recent thefts from motor vehicles in public places in an attempt to help prevent more crimes.

Vehicles are being targeted at parks and near gyms because those are areas where drivers or passengers often leave their purses, identity documents, credit cards and check books unattended in their vehicles, said Middletown Lt. Dawn Misino.

Vehicles containing electronics in plain view, specifically radar detectors, are also being targeted.

Middletown police are encouraging people to avoid leaving these items unattended, and avoid leaving them in plain view even when the vehicle is secured. A secured vehicle won't prevent these items from being stolen, as vehicle windows have frequently been broken to obtain these items.

The police department requests for residents' assistance in passing this information along, as well as in reporting any suspicious activity observed to help improve the community’s safety and security during this holiday season.

For more information, call the Middletown Police Department at (302) 376-9950.