The blaze happened early this morning, Dec. 28, on Harvey Straughn Road

Several animals died in a barn fire early this morning, Dec. 28,  between Clayton and Townsend.

Assistant State Fire Marshal Michael G. Chionchio said the fire happened in the 1600 block of Harvey Straughn Road.

The Clayton Fire Company responded to a report of a barn fire shortly after 3 a.m. When firefighters arrived, they saw flames at the 30 foot by 40 foot barn.

There were no injuries to people; however, four goats and six chickens died, Chionchio said. Several other animals were able to escape.

Deputy fire marshals investigated and determined that the fire was accidental, starting when a heat lamp, used to keep the barn warm, accidentally ignited nearby hay. The hay spread the flames throughout the barn.

Damage was estimated at $6,000, Chionchio said.