The new Running Wild Press collection “Running Wild Anthology of Stories, Vol. 2,” which was included in gift bags to 2019 Golden Globe nominees and presenters, includes stories from authors from the U.S. and Canada, including Smyrna’s Cindy Cavett.

Cavett’s story, “Rehoboth Beach Break,” is set in the vacation town of Rehoboth Beach, where a WBOC reporter gets her big break when a pirate irritates the residents and tourists of the coastal city. Trouble ensues, but the reporter helps to solve the mystery surrounding the pirate while simultaneously saving the town’s treasure.

When Cavett found out that her story was going to be included in this year’s gift bags to Golden Globe celebrities, she said she was “completely humbled and honored.”

Cavett is a Philadelphia-born and raised writer, who migrated to Delaware and fell in love with the Delmarva Peninsula. By day, she works for the state of Delaware in marketing and communications, and by night, she is a freelance writer and author, having penned more than 100 pieces in the past decade including articles, books and short stories in both fiction and nonfiction. She is enjoys writing during the full moon. She writes dramatic, engaging stories with memorable relationships, that are community-centric. In addition to short stories published in several anthologies, she has won a communications award from the Delaware Press Association, and a grant from the Highlights for Children Foundation.

When she isn’t writing, Cavett is reading books, attempting home decor crafts or spending time with her husband, family and friends.

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