Artesian Resources Corp. announced on April 3 its board of directors approved a 1.5% increase in the company’s Class A and Class B Common Stock dividend, raising the annual dividend to $0.9836 per share.

The quarterly dividend of $0.2459 is payable May 23, 2019 to shareholders of record at the close of business on May 10.

“Our record of consistently increasing dividends to our shareholders over the last 23 years speaks equally to our commitment to delivering a fair return to our investors and being a leader in the responsible stewardship of precious water resources across our water and wastewater businesses,” said Dian C. Taylor, Chair, President and CEO. “We are committed to improving our environment through total water resource management and ensuring the superior service and high-quality drinking water our customers have come to expect over the last 110 years.”

This is the 106th consecutive quarterly dividend paid to shareholders and the 23rd consecutive year it has increased dividends.

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