The poet will gig and bring their book to The Foundry on Monday, April 29.

Colorado poet/activist Andrea Gibson will headline The Foundry in Philadelphia on Monday, April 29, where they'll tour with their book "Lord of the Butterflies."

Gibson recently dropped a new music video for the piece "America, Reloading," which is a commentary on gun control and school shootings. The piece is from "Lord of the Butterflies" and sing-songwriter Ani DiFranco contributed music to the piece. 

In a fierce oscillation between activism and love, Gibson’s newest literary triumph, "Lord of the Butterflies," is a masterful showcase from the renowned poet whose writing and performances have captured the hearts of millions.

An artful and nuanced look at gender, romance, loss, and family, this is also a book of protest. While rioting against gun violence, homophobia, and white supremacy, Gibson (they/them) celebrates gender expansion, queer love, and the will to stay alive. Each emotion in "Lord of the Butterflies" is deft and delicate, resting within imagery heavy enough to sink the heart, while giving the body wings to soar.

Gibson just released a new book April 16 on Chronicle where they roll out the welcome mat and prove that poetry is for everyone. "How Poetry Can Change Your Heart" is for lapsed poetry lovers, aspiring poets or total novices, readers will learn to uncover verse in unexpected places, find their way through a poem when they don't quite "get it," and discover just how transformative poetry can be.

This is a gorgeous and inspiring gift for any fan of the written word. The book is co-written with Megan Falley.