Sen. Tom Carper released a statement April 30 after meeting with President Donald Trump and Congressional leaders at the White House to discuss infrastructure.

“Democrats made clear to the president that we are ready to make meaningful and lasting investments to improve our national infrastructure,” said Carper.

“We need to make our infrastructure better, stronger and safer. In doing so, we can support job creation and put hundreds of thousands of Americans back to work in red states and in blue states. It’s not enough for us to repair the infrastructure designed and built in the past. It’s time we stop throwing good money after bad, and start investing in roads, highways, bridges and transit systems that will harness innovation and withstand the impacts of our changing climate,” said Carper.

“As the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee continues its bipartisan work to draft legislation to reauthorize our nation’s surface transportation law, I will push to ensure we make smart infrastructure investments that address our future needs and respond to our changing climate,” said Carper.