Delaware Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall-Long was the commencement speaker for the 90 students who graduated in the Class of 2019, the first class to attend all four years at the charter high school in Clayton.

First State Military Academy (FSMA) graduated its first four-year class of students Friday, May 31 in a ceremony at the Clayton campus.

Delaware Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall-Long was the commencement speaker for the 90 students who graduated in the Class of 2019.

Kade Evans was the valedictorian for the class, while Brice Taylor was the salutatorian.

The Class of 2019 is the first class to attend all four years of high school at FSMA. The school opened to students in August 2015.

Hall-Long encouraged the graduates to find their passion now that they had graduated.

"Because if you are doing your passion, if you are doing what you want to do, it will never ever, be work," she said.

Hall-Long challenged the graduates to "risk more than is safe, care more than people think is wise, dream more than anyone thinks is practical and expect more of yourselves than anyone thinks possible."

The Class of 2019 includes 68 percent who are pursuing post-secondary education, 28 percent who are joining the military and four percent entering the work force.

In addition to graduates entering post-secondary education in Delaware, the FSMA Class of 2019 graduates will be enrolled in studies in Maryland, Georgia, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

The FSMA Class of 2019 received over $1 million in scholarships, including Army ROTC scholarships and University of Delaware Presidential Scholarships.


Abbott, Wesley

Annis, Felicity Taylar

Apostolico, Dante

Ashford, Jamaine Ivan

Bailey, Zachary Ryan

Barrera, Nashawn Diamere

Barry, Joshua Eli

Black, Vivica

Boesenberg, Andrew William

Boesenberg, Matthew Joseph

Caesar, Jarron Julius

Carroll, Kaitlyn

Chafardon, Nicholas Anthony

Chesley, Jordan E

Collins, Caroline

Cook, Scott W

Coon, Edward James

Davis, Levi Thomas

Davis, Robert Alexander

Dean, Rahina Grace

DePina, Davide

Durham, Jonathan Alan

Dusseau, Madison Grace

Escudero, Constanza Alexandra

Evans, Kade Eric

Foskey, Blaise Killian-Tod

Garvin, Davion

Gavilanes, Gabriela

Graden, Devin Storm

Hainsworth, Michael Christopher

Hamby, Paul Christopher

Hammerstrom, Alexander O'Brien

Harris, Dominique

Harris, Myael Azair

Hayslett, Kevon Maurice

Henry, John Allan

Hill, Mason Bryce

Hollandsworth, Rebecca Sue

Hoyle, Ethan Scott

Jenkins, Justin Douglas

Jester, James Allen

Jester, Jonathan Patrick

Jiang, Ethan Nguyen

Larish, Autumn Leigh

Lawrence, Riley

Lofland, Zion Eugene

Martin, Tyler Matthew

Massingil, Jonathan

Mattison, Kelsie Lynn

Maucher, Zachary James

McCarty, Tyler

McCray, Treyvon Joseph

McFadden, Michael Joseph

McLeod, Katie Michelle

McLeod, Kyle Thomas

McLeod, Samantha Lynn

Meeks, Alexus

Morris, Ariana Renee

Muhammad, Zaakir D

Neilson, Rebecca Jane

Noriega, Fabian Alejandro

Novack, Jacob A.

Nyandemo, Kevin O

Orozco-Soto, Yenni Nereida

Pritchard, Tomidia Tiangay

Purnell, Kayla

Richardson, Tair

Rodriguez, Jason

Rossetti, Gavin Joseph

Saccoh, Ramatulai

Sanchez, David Francisco

Satterfield, Ethan

Shea, Christopher Michael

Spruill, Gabriel

Sterling, Reid Warren

Stevenson, Starlynn

Taylor, Brice Alfred

Taylor, Gavin Christopher

Tejeda, Juan Manuel

Thomas, Alexander

Tippy, Hannah

Tolson, Arianna Rashida

Walker, Hayden William

Walker, Kegan S

Walker, Tamon Alexander

Walls, Jayven Hensley

Walton, Daryl Raushan

Whitaker, Jayle

Wooters, Genie Nicole

Workman, Nicholas Alexander