Gov. John Carney signed off on final state budget items as the legislature ends its session.

Gov. John Carney this morning signed the largest infrastructure package in Delaware history, capping a 2019 legislative session that included action to invest in Delaware’s highest-needs schools, fix roads and bridges, raise the age to buy cigarettes, ban single-use plastic bags and make it easier for all Delawareans to vote in elections.

Highlights of 2019 legislative session:

Opportunity Funding: $75 million/three years for English learners, low-income students, and new mental health supports in schools

Infrastructure: Record $863 million capital budget will invest in clean water, new roads and bridges, affordable housing, colleges and universities, and economic development projects

Plastic Bag Ban: Ban on single-use plastic bags will help protect Delaware’s environment, wildlife and communities

Tobacco 21: Raising the age to buy cigarettes to 21 will prevent younger Delawareans from smoking, improve the health of young Delawareans, and reduce health care costs

Early voting: New law allowing in-person voting up to 10 days prior to an election seeks to increase voter participation

Medicaid Waiver: New reinsurance program seeks to lower costs for Delaware families who get health insurance on the exchange

Safe storage: New law requires safe storage of firearms around children

The $863 million Fiscal Year 2020 capital budget signed by the Governor will fund new school construction, preserve open space and farmland statewide, invest in new drinking water infrastructure and provide new funding for Delaware’s colleges and universities. Delaware’s capital budget also includes $425.3 million for the Transportation Trust Fund – part of a six-year, $3.2 billion plan to fix roads and bridges statewide through 2025.

“We are investing in the future of our state - improving schools for all Delaware children, fixing roads and bridges in every Delaware community, and responsibly managing taxpayer dollars so we’re prepared to keep investing where it matters most,” Carney said. “Our work with members of the General Assembly is paying off. Graduation rates are up, unemployment is down and our state is on sound financial footing, just two years after climbing out of $400 million budget deficit. But we have plenty of work ahead to make sure that all Delaware families have an opportunity to participate in Delaware’s success. That’s why we’re investing in high-needs schools, in clean drinking water, affordable housing, open-space, and rural broadband infrastructure - to give more Delaware families a real shot to succeed in the Delaware of the future.”

Also on this morning, Carney signed a $55.1 million grant-in-aid bill that supports volunteer fire companies and nonprofit service providers statewide.

On June 25, Carney signed a $4.4 billion operating budget for Fiscal Year 2020. The plan provides more than $100 million over three years to support students and teachers in Delaware’s highest-needs schools, and sets aside $125 million in savings to guard against future state or federal budget cuts.