Representatives from the Delaware Department of Correction attended the American Correctional Association 2019 Conference on Aug. 3 in Boston, Massachusetts, during which Probation and Parole was awarded ACA re-accreditation.

ACA, founded in 1870, is a private, nonprofit, trade association and accrediting body for the corrections industry.

ACA accredits prisons, jails, community residential centers or halfway houses, probation departments, correctional treatment communities and other corrections facilities in the U.S. and internationally, using their independently published standards manuals.

The standards created and refined by the ACA represent fundamental correctional practices that ensure staff and inmate safety and security; enhance staff morale; improve record maintenance and data management capabilities; assist in protecting the agency against litigation; and improve the function of the facility or agency at all levels.

Probation and Parole was audited in May and was found to be compliant with 100% of the mandatory standards and compliant with 100% of the applicable non-mandatory standards. P&P was initially accredited in 2016.