Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester hosted a roundtable Aug. 13 on the cost of insulin and other critical, life-saving medications that Delawareans rely on.

Blunt Rochester was joined by health care advocates from across the state to discuss potential policy solutions to lower the cost of these drugs. Blunt Rochester also unveiled a report from the House Committee on Oversight and Reform highlighting the current state of drug prices in Delaware. The report revealed that 85,000 Delawareans are currently living with diabetes, including 38,000 seniors and disabled Medicare beneficiaries. The report also revealed that three companies make 96% of the country’s insulin and that a lack of generic options drives up the cost of insulin.

“While the issue of drug pricing is a complex one, stakeholders shared their challenges and potential solutions,” said Blunt Rochester. “Some of those solutions already have meaningful, bipartisan legislation that will allow Medicare to negotiate drug costs, cap out of pocket expenses and increase access to insulin. Yesterday’s roundtable made me hopeful. Congress has already begun some of this important work and with additional effort, we can cut through the noise and ensure people’s lives are better.”

“Delawareans are fortunate to have members of Congress such as Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester who are addressing the issues in order to lower the cost of prescription drugs,” said George Meldrum, state president of AARP Delaware. “AARP applauds her leadership.”