Some new tunes by Cheat Codes, The Hunna, Pronoun and more.

CHEAT CODES - 'Highway'

The multi-platinum, electronic/dance/pop group Cheat Codes (comprised of Trevor Dahl, Matthew Russell and Kevi Ford) are set to release "Highway" - a collab between Cheat Codes, Sofia Reyes and Willy William (singer/producer behind Mi Gente).

In June, Cheat Codes teamed up with Trixxie to release their club-inspired track, "All Of My Life." The song features big drops and a driving baseline, which are accompanied by Trixxie’s crisp production, intertwined with flourishes guitar & synth melodies. Consistent drums and pulsating chords help to create the track’s forward momentum, which underscores the songs lyrics, "All Of My Life.”

Cheat Codes also teamed up with Danny Quest & Ina Wroldsen for their track, "I Feel Ya" - the perfect soundtrack to never-ending summer nights. With a driving bassline and synth that nods to massive '90s dance tracks, the track is drenched with Cheat Codes signature electronic textures that have seen them become one of the fastest-growing pop and dance acts, garnering over 3 billion streams. The music video has also amassed well over half a million views since its release in mid-June and stars choreographer & professional dancer, Samantha Long.

THE HUNNA - 'I Get High To Forget'

 The Hunna began to take shape when Ryan (Vocals/Guitar), Dan (Lead Guitar) and Junate (Bass) met in college. After a couple of line-up changes, Jack arrived on drums and everything fell into place. A sucker for a good chorus, the boys like to work from the outside in when it comes to writing.

“There are so many different processes to what we do, but often we’ll start with a chorus, and then we’ll funnel in from there,” the band have noted about their writing and recording process. The four guys have amassed a massive fanbase since their debut album "100," which debuted at #12 in the UK album chart and #3 in the Indie charts.

The band is set to be the first band on your playlist, the one you listen to when you’re driving around with the top down. Bleeding of wistful nostalgia and teamed with an unremitting lust for life that is as infectious as it is relentless, The Hunna’s unabashed sound is the soundtrack to your Summer. They are currently gearing up for a cross-country tour with Barns Courtney.


Born to a Mexican father and American mother and as if predisposing a love for art within her son, mom named Paris after The Cure’s 1992 live album, Paris. Paris never quite fit in at school, opting to wear girls’ jeans “because they were tighter” and convincing mom to “shave the middle of [his] head and spike the hair into two Mohawks like [the late] Keith Flint of The Prodigy” in third grade.

Around the same time, he picked up cello and fell in love with the instrument in between immersing himself in punk and industrial music. He split his college years between painting and trying his hand at fashion design before joining a hotshot crew to fight wild land fires in 2016. Along the way, he quietly started producing under the name Prodbyparis for friends such as Machai. 2017 saw him pick up the microphone on a whim, cutting a demo for “Po’ed Up” and posting it on Soundcloud. A$AP Mob affiliate Tyler Gro$$o passed it on to Post Malone who invited Paris on tour.

Pronoun - 'Run' 

LGBTQIA artist who just dropped her debut record, "I'll show you stronger," which is deeply rooted in heartbreak, but has an underlying sense of triumph and optimism that sees Alyse Vellturo make sense of heartache and ultimately grow stronger. Her hazey, lo-fi post-punk tunes have garnered attention from the likes of NPR, New York Times, Stereogum, Nylon and others. AV Club and Uproxx recently included her in their top records of the year so far.

JAMES DROLL - 'Old School Heartbreak' 

Born in rural Ohio and currently based in Nashville, James Droll is an artist who takes the good with the bad. His collection of soul-searching songs explores the heart after the fall of a relationship, something that connects anyone who listens. The dark pop tunes are filled with stunning lyrics, tight harmonies, and swelling chords that reach right into the heart and twist with the sweetest of pain.

Droll made his debut with his song ‘Wall’ which was placed on Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds’ and quickly charted on the Spotify U.S. and Global Viral Charts. He has since released several other singles, the most notable being a feature on Justin Caruso’s (Big Beat/Atlantic) song “Caving ft. JamesDroll” (Big Beat / Atlantic) which he co-wrote and has over 9 million Spotify streams. James is also a writer on Vintage Culture & Adam K’s “Pour Over” which has over 30 million streams on Spotify and charted at 33 on Billboard’s Dance Club Chart. Most recently, James is a writer and feature on Devault’s new EP (Geffen). Droll’s strength in the room is inventive lyrics and helping to push the boundaries.