The Mayor and Town Council gathered for their monthly meeting and here are six things you should know.

Monday night the Mayor and Town Council gathered for their monthly meeting. Here is recap of everything the Middletown should expect to be coming soon to the community.

1. Middletown Main Street Foundation Fall Festival won’t be on the street

Middletown Main Street Foundation is holding the Fall Festival on Sept. 28, but it won’t be happening right on the street. Because Main Street is a state road, the foundation would have had to ask the Delaware Department of Transportation in advance.

The foundation did not seek approval prior to the meeting, so the council could not vote to close the street. The festival will still happen but it looks like it might be on the sidewalks. 

2. Middletown is Delaware’s safest driving city

Chief Robert Kracyla said that Middletown was named safest driving city in Delaware for 2019 by Insurify, an independent insurance comparison website. Although this doesn’t seem to be a big deal, it could mean lower car insurance rates for town residents.

3. Farmers market coming next spring

The council approved for the Bethesda United Methodist Church on Main Street to host a weekly farmer’s market in their parking lot every Saturday starting in April. The plan approved said the market will take place from 8 a.m. to noon and will run until Oct. 20, 2020.

The church said the farmers market could be reduced to bi-monthly — every other Saturday — as to not conflict with a farmers market in Smyrna.

4. NTB is coming soon

The council approved a preliminary land development plan to put in a National Tire and Battery service center at Westown Business Park. The plan said that NTB will be 6,740 square feet. The council will have to make a final approval at a later date, and the plan did not specify when the shop it is expected to be open.

5. The Village at Middle Neck might create a bottleneck

The developers for the new Village at Middle Neck active adult community — formerly known as Casapulla Farm — gave an update on their plans for the 186 single-family homes. The developers want to allow parking on both sides of the street in front of the community.

Concerns arose for the amount of space given between cars for a firetruck, fearing that it would not fit. The developers showed a to-scale picture of firetruck fitting in between the cars, but the council was left unsure. So the developers agreed to cut down on sidewalk space to allow four more feet of space between cars, increasing from 28-feet to 32-feet.

6. Police ask permission to access Ring doorbell surveillance

Chief Robert Kracyla requested approval for a program that would give the police access to video surveillance from residents who use Ring, but only if given permission from the user.

Middletown Police Department is the latest of more than 400 police departments nationwide to enter an agreement with Amazon’s Ring doorbell surveillance to allow the police to extract video from product owners in the town.

The motion was approved, so residents can now choose if they want to allow the police the access.

The next Mayor and Town Council meeting will take place Oct. 2 at 7:30 p.m. in the council chambers at Town Hall.