You can expect hippie vibes at the longtime festival in Clayton, from Sept. 27-28.

A handful of guitar heroes will show off their super powers at the Folk Hero contest, launching day one of the 29th Delmarva Folk Festival on Friday, near Clayton. 

The winner of the Folk Hero contest will proudly rock their cape on the main stage with a stacked lineup of fellow musical crusaders Saturday.

Additionally, there will be camping options for people in RVs (and other vehicles on wheels) from Friday to Sunday.

The Folk contest features Tom Hench (2017 winner), Bob Barto, Joe Cahill, Rick Hudson, Simon Purchase James, Last Chance and Jim Rezac.

Saturday’s festival launches with a performance by the winner of the Folk Hero contest (noon), followed by Sean Cheezum (1 p.m.), Earth Radio (2 p.m.), Sand Creek (3 p.m.), guitar workshop (there will be no performers at 4 p.m.), Celtic Harvest (5 p.m.), Mark Stuart (6 p.m.), Phyllis Chapell (7 p.m.), Nathans & Ronstadt (8 p.m.) and Nothin’ But Trouble (9 p.m.).

For the younglings, there will be a Kids Tent with activities from noon to 6 p.m., Saturday. Some of the activities include arts and crafts, face painting and tie dye. There will also be music for children and surprises.

Earth Radio vocalist Jani Duerr, a Dover native, said it’ll be nostalgic playing the main stage Saturday, because he won the Folk Hero Contest in 2009. This performance, however, will mark Earth Radio’s Delmarva Folk Festival debut.

“It’s a powerful experience to come back,” said Duerr, who now lives in Wilmington. “We’ve been performing so much in the Wilmington/Philadelphia area, so it’s nice we’ll get to come back near my hometown. This is where I was in the very beginning of me starting off. My name was different at the time. I guess I’m pretty much the same person, but I’ve evolved a lot since then.”

Are you going to wear anything special at the show?

We’re going to wear a lot of fun colors. If it’s cool outside enough, I’m probably going to wear my fringe jacket I bought. I had the same jacket I wore the first time I played there. I’ll probably wear that same one again. I think that’ll be fun. I talked to everyone in the band Sunday and we’re going down to our more psychedelic roots. We’re going to wear fun, I guess, hippie clothes.

On Instagram, there’s a recent photo of the band Photoshopped into Power Ranger outfits. Who posted that?

I run our social media and needed some promo material. We didn’t have anything to post. We’d run out and recycled so many photos, so I had to do something really creative. I ended up doing a photo of us as the Teletubbies, but it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea [laughs]. So I went with the Power Rangers.

You’ve done some other Photoshopped band pictures too.

I did the Spice Girls [laughs] I feel like those kind of photos are really stupid. But for some reason they make me laugh.

How would you describe the sound of Earth Radio?

We do a lot of vocal improvisations. When I do songwriting a lot of times, I come from the songwriting aspect of melody first, then lyrics afterwards. The first part where it makes the melody normally can sound very primitive and tonguey. When we approach the actual performance, 95% of it is us singing synchronized lyrics. Then there’s a good portion of it where we sing high notes and improv. We feel whatever is in the moment and we go with the flow.

What’s your spirit animal?

In the past year I’ve been really feeling like it’s the crow, because it feels like a very stabilizing image and energy for me. I dream about them a lot.

Why do you feel the crow represents you?

They’re known for finding creative ways to do stuff. In the bird family, they’re considered one of the most intelligent. They can create little tools to help get themselves out of different situations. They’re very crafty and can come up with stuff off the top of their head. They all have different types of negative things too. But for some reason I really connect to crows.