The road near St. Georges Technical High School reopens to motorists.

Hyetts Corner Road, closed during the construction of U.S. 301, reopened Oct. 1 at 5 p.m., according to a press release from DelDOT. 

Part of the road had been closed between St. Georges Technical High School and U.S. Route 13 north of Middletown. 

Shanta Reynolds, principal at St. Georges Tech, said the reopening will be helpful in getting students, staff and bus drivers to school faster than before, as well as quicker access to the Wawa.

He also said that the school is warning students of the change in traffic.

“One thing we are reiterating to our students is to pay close attention, knowing there hasn’t been traffic coming from the left when leaving the school,” Reynolds said. “We have novice drivers so we want to make sure they are careful. “

So far, he said there have not been any issues, but the traffic has changed only slightly.

“People are still getting adjusted to it opening,” Reynolds said. “It hasn’t been a tremendous amount of cars coming down the road thus far.”

Improvements include two 11-foot lanes with 5-foot shoulders, and drainage improvements.