Here are some main points from the Middletown council meeting.

Middletown mayor and town council had their monthly meeting Oct. 7. A school redevelopment, preliminary library plans and an at-home eyebrow threading business were on the agenda.

1. Eyebrow threading coming to Merrimac Avenue

A Middletown resident requested a permit to open an eyebrow threading business on Merrimac Avenue, but it’s not in the shopping center. As the council was about to approve the item, Mayor Ken Branner realized this was going to be operating out of her home. He was concerned over customers taking residents’ parking spots, so the council approved her to operate for six months to see if they get any complaints.

2. Silver Lake Elementary redevelopment

Architects for the elementary school’s redevelopment were approved to start on the 12-month project, but the council had a couple stipulations. The plan had a fence seemingly pressed against the dugout behind the school, causing concern to the vice mayor. The fence was removed from the design. He also wanted to see the road leading up to the school expanded. The town will help with the costs.

3. New Castle County Southern Library gets land approval

Preliminary plans for the 40,000-square-foot library were approved with no conditions from the council. It will be a one-story building to be completed in two phases at 204 E. Main St., just west of the post office.

4. New codes for swimming pools

The council adopted the 2018 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code along with the International Building Codes. This will affect all new residential and commercial swimming pools and additions to ones currently installed. They did not go into specifics about what might change.

5. Middletown gets Bike Connector grant from DelDOT

 A $17,000 research grant from DelDOT for new bike routes that will likely tie into Silver Lake Park has been approved. The study will find the best place for the route given the construction of the library and redevelopment at Silver Lake Elementary.