Folks waking up this week looking for Joyce’s Tuna Melt for lunch were sadly greeted with unexpected news.

After over 20 years of service to the Hockessin community, the Perfect Cup Cafe has closed its doors.

On Wednesday evening, a notification appeared on the breakfast and lunch stop's Facebook page saying the popular spot would be closed until further notice as of Oct. 30.

Attempts to reach owners Pat and Andy Fakis via phone and social media were unsuccessful.

The notification, posted Oct. 29 at 9:16 p.m., said the owners were saddened by the closure.

“We can not express our gratitude for your friendship and patronage over the years at the Perfect Cup,” the statement reads.

It is accompanied by a meme quoting the Benjamin Hof self-help book, “The Tao of Pooh.”

Although there was no direct reason given for the closure, there has been talk that the owners have been trying to sell their business for a while now.

The Lancaster Pike located store served breakfast and lunch six days a week, and was known for their baked goods created by French trained chef Andy Fakis.

Comments on social media lament the unexpected closure, with several posters commenting that they had only recently discovered the restaurant.

“Hoping that Andy will open up somewhere else, will really miss the country breakfast platter, my fave, and your delicious coffees! Best wishes!” reads a comment by Jenny Brant.