Students will be performing with the Tournament of Bands All-Star Band in the parade which will be televised on ABC's WPVI Channel 6, starting at 8:30 a.m.

Students from Middletown and Appoquinimink high schools will be performing with the Tournament of Bands All-Star Band in Philadelphia’s 100th Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The parade will be televised on WPVI-Channel 6, starting at 8:30 a.m.

Students from the Middletown High School Band include Zachary Bowser, Riley Boyd, Autumn Brown, Joshua Crouse, Erin Duffy, Kenyon Grimes, Madelynn Hildick, Gabriella Intermoia, Brianne Laucirica, Margaret Livingstone, Noelle McNair, Courtney Parker, Jaya Penn, Georgia Pierson, Kayli Shaw, Samuel Roberts, Kyra Robinson, Brandi Rosenblum, Megan Williams and Tara Woodall.

From the Appoquinimink High School Band, students include Simone Greene, Gail Shuey and Cayden Smalls. Michael Hope, the AHS guard instructor, will be helping to teach the routine to the TOB All-Stars.

Students apply to march in the parade with the Tournament of Bands.

“Students selected represent not just talented musicians, but students who show responsibility, drive, dedication, and maturity within our organization,” said Middletown High School band director Brian Endlein.

The band members are expected to practice on their own leading up to the group rehearsals the day before the parade.

“I think the students look forward to meeting students from other programs the most,” Endlein said. “They get to make friends with students in bands, just like ours, through a common bond of love for the marching arts. Being able to represent our community as part of a nationally- televised parade of this size is also certainly an exciting opportunity for our students.”