Gov. John Carney sent a letter Dec. 16 to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, agreeing to continue accepting the resettlement of refugees in Delaware. 

President Donald Trump’s Executive Order 13888 requires local communities to opt-in to continue accepting the resettlement of refugees. 

“Our country has historically been a refuge of safe harbor for those fleeing war-torn countries, violence and political persecution,” wrote Carney. “We should continue to stand as a beacon of hope and freedom for people around the world. In that spirit, as Delawareans, we are proud to do our part, and continue to accept the resettlement of refugees.”

“We know that refugees are legal immigrants who undergo a robust process to enter our country,” wrote Carper. “That process includes interviews with government agencies, health screenings and multiple security checks. And more than half of all refugees are children who are seeking safe harbor in the United States.”

Carper’s full letter is available at