Republican for 35th District Representative (unopposed)


Each candidate was asked to respond to three questions.

1.  What are the top issues you will address in your campaign and what are your plans for moving those issues forward?

My main goal once elected is to be a passionate and respected voice for my constituents, after all that is what seeking office means to me; being a voice for the people I represent. As I have made the rounds meeting the folks of the 35th , I have heard time and time again that they are most concerned with gun rights, job growth and our economy, and the education system. I would add to the list public safety as well since that affects us all.

I have enjoyed hunting since I was a boy, and am proud to be endorsed by the Delaware State Sportman’s Association and a life member of the NRA. I stood with the pro 2 A supporters at Legislative Hall, and will do everything in my power to defend the 2nd Amendment. The economy certainly affects us all, so that has to be near the top of the list as well. Creating jobs means cutting the red tape to new businesses coming to or expanding in the area, and I am well versed with that red tape due to dealing with it with the Creamery. I will also work to help expand broadband high speed internet to rural Sussex County.

2.  What makes you uniquely qualified for the political office you seek?

I have been active at Legislative Hall over the past several years and worked with our local Legislators on a number of issues that will help me once in Dover to be immediately effective with the concerns that matter most to my constituents. Through my experience as a farmer and small business owner, I have successfully managed a budget and made a payroll creating over 40 jobs in our district. I have firsthand knowledge of the process to get a business started and the regulatory red tape involved which I plan to address even more aggressively once elected.

Again as a member and past President of the Bridgeville Kiwanis Club where I have devoted countless hours to the community, I am a Delaware State Fair Board Director, President of the Sussex County Farm Bureau, and am a past President of the Delaware Soybean Board. Being born, raised, and educated in the district, I have a strong sense of pride in our community and I have been working hard knocking on doors to hear what is important to my neighbors. I have been a successful leader for several years in many capacities, and look forward to this next step.

3.  What community groups are you involved with and in what capacity?

I am a Past President and current member of the Bridgeville Kiwanis Club, Director of the Delaware State Fair Board, Assistant Superintendent-Dairy Cattle for the Delaware State Fair, President of the Sussex County Farm Bureau, Director and Legislative Committee member of the Delaware State Farm Bureau, Past President and Director of the Delaware Soybean Board. These all have given me the experience that will serve me well as a legislator in Dover.

Profession/employment: Self-employed farmer and small business owner

# of years employed: 15

Education: Woodbridge High School, DTCC-Agribusiness Degree

Political experience: As a farmer and small business owner, I have addressed concerns with DelDOT, DNREC, and Conservation District regarding issues and regulations affecting the 35 th District. I have also been present at Legislative Hall several times this session to speak out for small business, agriculture, and stood in solidarity with my fellow pro 2nd Amendment friends. I have championed property rights at Sussex County Council and worked closely with Representatives Wilson, Short, and Senator Pettyjohn on issues concerning the residents of the 35th District.