With 100 percent of the precincts reporting:
Tom Carper wins an term in U.S. Senate.
Lisa Blunt Rochester re-elected to U.S. House.
Democrat Kathleen Jennings wins state Attorney General race.
Democrat Kathleen McGuiness wins state Auditor race.
Democrat Colleen Davis defeats Republican Ken Simpler in state Treasurer race.

With 436 of 436 districts reporting:

 With 100 percent of the districts reporting, Democrat Tom Carper is on his way to another term in the U.S. Senate. Democrat Lisa Blunt Rochester secured another term in the U.S. House.

In statewide races, Democrat Kathleen Jennings defeated Republican Benard Pepukayi.

Democrat Kathleen McGuiness defeated James Spadola in the race for state Auditor.

Democrat Colleen Davis defeated Republican Ken Simpler in the race for state Treasurer.

For General Assembly election results, see this page.


U.S. Senate   217,358 Democrat Tom Carper 137,123 Republican Robert Arlett 3,910 Libertarian Nadine Frost 4,170 Green Dimitri Theodoropoulos 000 Matthew Water Stout 000 Barry Eveland 000 Peter Todd Farina   U.S. House 227,333 Democrat Lisa Blunt Rochester 125,381 Republican Scott Walker 000 Andrew C. Webb 000 Marvin Davis 000 Paul A. Johnston      State Offices     Attorney General 137,725 Republican Bernard Pepukayi 218,332 Democrat Kathleen Jennings 000 Allen Jester       Treasurer 163,999 Republican Ken Simpler 187,225 Democrat Colleen Davis  6,300 Green David Chandler       Auditor 149,479 Republican James Spadola 205,611 Democrat Kathleen McGuiness