The Warriors Helping Warriors organization is hosting a Veterans 5K Run/Walk Saturday, Nov. 12 to help raise funds to open the Veterans Resiliency Center on South Broad Street in Middletown.

The run/walk will start at 9 a.m. on West Cochran Street near the Resiliency Center, will pass through the neighborhood of Sharondale, and return to West Cochran Street.

Registration starts at 8 a.m. The cost to register on race day is $25.

There will be prizes for top three runners in each 10-year age group. T-shirts will be provided while supplies last.

Funds raised by this 5K run/walk will go to help remodel the organization's Veteran's Resiliency Center which will be equipped as a resource center for veterans, a recreation center, and living spaces for female veterans with children who need a home.

Warriors Helping Warriors was started by Kevin and Tina Conley. They became frustrated dealing with the VA and the Army systems after Kevin returned home injured from his deployment to Afghanistan. They sought out other veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan and discovered they experienced similar difficult experiences dealing with the health and retirement systems. Another common experience was the lack of support and resources for spouses, caregivers and children of injured service members. They began hosting events and sharing resources with other local injured veterans and families with the help of other organizations.

Warriors Helping Warriors is a non-profit organization working to create a Delaware where those who fought for their country can find the resources and support back home that they deserve. To learn more visit, or call (302) 562-9033