With football season just a few months away, the work being put in to prepare for the 2018 season begins now with offseason workouts and the 7-on-7 high school league which kicked off earlier this week.

This fall, St. Georges Tech will enter their second season in Division I football and their first under new head coach John Wilson.

After over two decades as the head football coach at St. Mark’s, Wilson will patrol a different sideline this season after taking the Hawks head position back in February.

Wilson first joined St. Mark’s back in 1992 spending the next nine seasons with the Spartans before a brief stint with William Penn only to return to St. Mark’s in 2003.

“To move on from St. Mark’s was bittersweet,” Wilson said. “The staff and students were great to work with, along with so many good memories. The opportunity came up to apply for the coaching position at St. Georges - I just felt I had to look into it.”

“When I was offered the job, it was just too good to pass up. I spoke with a lot of people - coaches, teachers and parents - everything was positive.”

At St. Mark’s, Wilson was no stranger to winning, nor winning in big games. In 2010, Wilson led the Spartans to an undefeated 12-0 season, defeating two of Delaware’s powerhouse programs in the playoffs in Salesianum and Middletown.

However Wilson did more than compile a 96-48 overall record while at St. Mark’s, he also made an impact in student’s lives as an instructor and guidance counselor.

“What made St. Georges so appealing was the opportunity to coach and teach at a school that
continues to grow,” Wilson said. “They’ve been very good at the DII level and with the jump to
DI last year, I have the chance to help them grow through the change.”

Now leading a new program, Wilson and the team have already begun the transition.

Back in March the team met for their spring weight training program and then again for a week of practice in their DIFCA approved “Heads Up Camp.” This week they’ll take another step forward together when 7-on-7’s begin, hosted by St. Georges Tech every Tuesday.

“My goals with the team were to develop a relationship with the players, shape the culture of the program and develop good working habits,” Wilson said. “We accomplished that and had a successful practice during our Head Up Camp - now, we’re trying to win the summer by committing to workouts and 7-on-7’s.”

“I’m really excited about where my feet are right now, that means I’m looking forward to our first 7-on-7 game. Then, I’ll get focused and excited for our first scrimmage when the preseason gets here.”

Throughout the spring and summer, Wilson’s goal has been to get the team on the same page so when the season begins, they’re ready to go.

“So far, the players have been receptive of the change and everything from meeting staff, the parents and the players, have been positive,” Wilson said. “I just want them to be good teammates, be good student-athletes, compete and work hard. If I get the kids to buy into our values, we have a chance to win some games in the process.”