VIDEO & STORY -- A student from Goldey-Beacom College was the top male finisher, and a student from Appoquinimink High School was the fastest female runner in the race today, Aug. 18, at Silver Lake Park in Middletown.

Jono Hooper, a student from Goldey-Beacom College, won the Peach Festival 5K, and Alyssa Brinsky, a student at Appoquinimink High School, was the top female finisher in the race today, Aug. 18, in Middletown.

Hooper crossed the finish line in 17:00.8, while Brinsky ran the course in 19:36.2, according to NOVA Timing Systems.

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The rest of the top five male finishers were:

Second place - Adam Stone, 18:20.8;

Third place - Arif Peracha, 18:22.5;

Fourth place - Victor Rueda, 18:54.3;

Fifth place - Jeremy Lambert, 19:36.4.

The rest of the top five female finishers were:

Second place - Lauren Jean Slaughter, 20:51.8;

Third place - Mari Collick, 23:17.6;

Fourth place - Julia Lloyd, 23:22.6;

Fifth place - Kalli Riley, 23:45.3.

The masters champions for ages 40 and over were John Hellen in 19:46.2 and Martina Thiel-Poblotzki in 23:48.5.

A total of 175 participants finished the 5K run/walk organized by Premier Physical Therapy & Sports Performance and the Middletown Athletic Club. Funds raised will be donated to the sports boosters at Middletown and Appoquinimink high schools to provide scholarships for graduating seniors who displayed outstanding sportsmanship.

AGE GROUP WINNERS (not including the overall male and female winners and the male and female masters champions)

Ages 13 & under

Females - 1st Mari Collick 23:17.6; 2nd Anna Korpela 27:46.9; 3rd Amy Stone 32:51.3.

Males - 1st MJ Daiuto 23:50.1; 2nd Wapu Wagmister 24:20.5; 3rd Benjamin Shearer 25:11.4.

Ages 14-19

Females - 1st Julia Lloyd 23:22.6; 2nd Lauren Pollock 24:37.1; 3rd Tiffany Banning 24:40.3.

Males - 1st Adam Stone 18:20.8; 2nd Seth Thompson 20:37.9; 3rd Andrew Wennersten 20:49.9.

Ages 20-29

Females - 1st Lauren Jean Slaughter 20:51.8; 2nd Kalli Riley 23:45.3; 3rd Juana Henao 24:37.2.

Males - 1st Arif Peracha 18:22.5; 2nd Victor Rueda 18:54.3; 3rd Jason Hyland 19:59.0.

Ages 30-39

Females - 1st Rebecca Miller 25:41.7; 2nd Tessa Laneve 26:32.8; 3rd Dana Brennan 28:38.3.

Males - 1st Jeremy Lambert 19:36.4; 2nd Chris Simpson 20:25.7; 3rd Michael Sadowsky 22:55.9.

Ages 40-49

Females - 1st Dawn Roberts 25:00.5; 2nd Mary Jo Gilligan 25:49.3; 3rd Michelle Taylor 29:20.0.

Males - 1st Mario Ramirez 20:44.6; 2nd Frank Shelton 21:36.4; 3rd Gregory Angermaier 22:03.8.

Ages 50-59

Females - 1st Irene Soucy 25:22.8; 2nd Valerie Huot 26:43.7; 3rd Adrienne Shearer 26:46.1.

Males - 1st Criss Baldwin 22:49.7; 2nd Duane Christy 23:17.2; 3rd Jim Keeports 24:11.7.

Ages 60-69

Females - 1st Marianne Devirgilio 30:08.1; 2nd Lynne Higgins 31:51.9; 3rd Judy Pappenhagen 48:38.8.

Males - 1st Gene Smith 25:01.6; 2nd Tom Pappenhagen 48:41.1; 3rd Larry Safford 54:42.8.

Ages 70 & over

Females - no entrants listed

Males - 1st Leon Brown 34:16.3; 2nd Larry Price 34:30.0; 3rd Don Zalenski 37:50.2.