Final ranking: Top 100 players of a difficult Delaware high school football season

Brad Myers
Delaware News Journal

Here’s a message to everybody involved in the 2020 Delaware high school football season:


The best players continued to get bigger, stronger and faster while waiting for a season that was never guaranteed.

Everybody made the adjustment to wearing masks under their helmets and following the many other coronavirus safety protocols that made the season possible.

Howard players lift the DIAA Division II football trophy and celebrate their victory following the final game of a very difficult 2020 season on Dec. 19 at Dover High School.

Coaches battled through an entirely new set of problems, including the discomforting fact that their next game – or even the entire season – could be canceled at any time. A couple of games were scrubbed literally three hours before kickoff.

Athletic directors juggled the schedules continually. Then they nervously monitored the entire scene each week, making sure temperatures were checked and fans were socially distanced – and a million other things.

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Athletic trainers did all of the vital things they usually do, plus many added duties to help keep everyone safe and healthy. Student managers took on bigger roles, too.

The limited fans allowed to attend games in person – mostly parents – followed the new rules and seemed genuinely grateful to be there under all of the trying circumstances created by a global pandemic.

The regular season was only seven games instead of 10, and many teams weren’t able to play their full schedule. The playoffs were shortened to four teams in each division, which led to some very unhappy teams when the postseason field was determined.

But when it was finally over Dec. 19 at Dover High School – two weeks later than usual – Sussex Central (Division I) and Howard (Division II) were just as happy as any champions have been in any other year.

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Maybe even happier. Because this season was different.

Football is a difficult game in the best of times. There is always adversity to overcome. But this season dished out more adversity than any other.

So everyone involved should be proud of the role they played.

We cap it all with Delaware Online’s final ranking of the Top 100 players of the 2020 season.

The decisions are always tough, and the rankings changed dramatically from the preseason to the midseason to the postseason.

Click through the photo gallery to reveal the final Top 100.

Congratulations to all of the ranked players. And congratulations to everybody involved in Delaware high school football this season.

Because every season is unique, but this one will be remembered forever for the challenges that were overcome.

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